EPB1 Golf Rangefinder


EPB1 Golf Rangefinder, using 7x26 Large aperture and multi-layer coated optical lens to ensure sufficient transmittance, You can see the target at 1500 meters, you can also clearly observe the measured object.Support Up to Five Species measurement mode, ranging, altimetry And Horizontal distance, side angle, golf flagpole scanning, to meet the needs of various fields. Internal adoption 3 Shaft sensor, more accurate measurement, more sensitive response. The fuselage adopts anti-skid ornamentation, the material is strong, the design is beautiful, has the waterproof anti-skid and dust-proof three prevention structure. The whole product is small and convenient, can be held with one hand, and adopts A Pair of No.7 battery, super 5000 Times of secondary use, laser ranging telescopes are widely usedpower installation,Topographic survey, industrial measurement and control, mines, ports and other fields.


3 Modes:

  • General mode: Designed for space distance and angle measurements
  • Golf mode: Show us the angle and slope-adjusted distance between golfer and flag
  • Vertical mode: For vertical and horizontal distance measurements, all the data will be displayed on the LCD immediately.



Product model:EPB1 Hand-held laser range finder

•       Measuring Time: 0.5-1 sec

•       Distance Measure Accuracy: ±1m

•       Angle Measure Accuracy: ±50°

•       Measurement Speed Range: 0-300KM/H

•       Low Battery Indicator: Yes

•       Flag-lock: Yes

Ranging range:5-600Meter/1000 Meter /1500 Meter

Ratio of binoculars:7X

Ranging mode:905nmLaser(Human eye safety)

Focus mode:Eyepiece focusing

Working temperature:-20℃~50℃

Field of view angle:6°

Display:LCD Permeable liquid crystal

Laser safety level:IEC 608255-1

Battery model: A Pair of No.7 battery

Shape dimension:130x875x47mm(long)xWidthxThick)