Serial server EDEV-01


 1 Introduction of Serial Port Server EDEV-D01

1.1 Overview

With the continuous development of industrial automation, the widespread use of intelligent building access control products, and the wide application of electronic technology in smart home and other industries, more and more serial devices need to be connected to the LAN and the Internet.With the concept of the Internet of Things proposed and recognized by the market, a large number of serial devices need to be connected to the Internet, opening a new milestone in the development of electronic technology.

In order to connect serial port devices to LAN or Internet, it is necessary to integrate TCP/IP protocol stack in the device, which puts forward higher requirements for the computing power and hardware resources of the device.The equipment commonly used in the market does not require high processor computing, and the hardware resources are relatively scarce.More importantly, the TCP/IP protocol stack is difficult to develop, the development cycle is long, and the stability needs long-term testing and maintenance.

In order to make the equipment quickly access to the LAN or the Internet, Guangzhou Enpu Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed a serial port server EDEV-D01.Users do not need to invest long-term research and development of TCP/IP protocol stack, only need to integrate serial port server EDEV-D01 into the target system, simply set the IP address of serial port server and simple working parameters, can quickly connect the target device to the LAN or the Internet.

Serial port server EDEV-D01 has a variety of configuration modes, users can directly use the complimentary PC configuration software configuration module to set communication parameters;You can also configure the module through the serial port.The product picture is as follows:

2 Functional Characteristics

     10/100M Ethernet interface;

     Baud rate 1200 ~ 115200;

     The working mode supports TCP server, TCP client, UDP module and virtual serial port.

Supports serial port configuration

Support for LAN configuration

Support for remote upgrade of device internal firmware

Automatic connection recovery after TCP connection disconnection

Provides a device configuration program interface that can be integrated into a customer application.

Windows platform configuration software function library is provided free of charge, including simple and easy-to-use API function library, which is convenient for users to write their own configuration software.

3 Performance parameter

     CPU: 32-bit CPU 

     LAN LAN: 10/100M, 1.5KV Isolation

     UART: 3800 ~ 115200, stop bit, check bit can be set

     POWER: DC 9 ~ 24V, 300mA, ripple < 0.5%

     Working temperature: -25 ~ 70 ℃

     Storage temperature: -40 ~ 80 ℃

     Dimension: 98 * 66 * 25mm in length, width and height, aluminum shell rustproof

     Installation method: External type