CAN to Ethernet technology support


1. How many computers can a can-to-ethernet device connect to?


CANTCP-02 has two CAN interfaces, and the data of each CAN interface can be forwarded to two computers at the same time.


2. What protocol does the Canto Ethernet device transfer CAN bus data according to?


After receiving CAN bus data, CANTCP-02 can be transferred to Ethernet device and stored in an internal storage unit with 13 bytes. The data of the whole storage unit will be transmitted to the computer. The computer terminal recovers the CAN bus data from the storage unit data.


3. How to configure the working parameters of CAN to Ethernet devices?


The main working parameters of CANTCP-02 are local IP address, local gateway, local subnet mask, CAN interface baud rate, target computer IP address, target computer TCP port, CAN channel working mode can choose TCP server, TCP client and UDP mode.