About us

Guangzhou Enpu Electronics Co., Ltd., established in2011Year11Month, is a collection of R & D, production and sales in one of the high-tech enterprises. The company's business is divided into three areas: Internet of things communication products, intelligent city intelligent toilet and other intelligent projects, laser rangefinders and binoculars.


Guangzhou Enpu Electronic R & D and productionCAN-busSwitch to Ethernet server, implementCAN-busThe conversion function from data to Ethernet data is realized.CAN-busThe system is connected to the local area network and the Internet to facilitate network remote network management and control.CANTransfer to Ethernet serverCANTCP-01Support for global standardsTCP/UDPProtocol, supporting cross-routing network and cross-Internet communication.CANTransfer to Ethernet serverCANTCP-01You canTPC/UDPAgreement with computer, industrial control computer,PDAhuman-machine interface,PLCCommunication and exchange of data, simple programming, stable and reliable.CANTransfer to Ethernet serverCANTCP-01Support all the wayCANInterface, maximum baud rate accessible1M。CANThe interface supports high-speed electromagnetic isolation protection.

CAN-BUSHub support4RoadCANBus, implementation4Road twisted pairCANNetwork data relay conversion of the network.

CAN-BUS Optical fiber converter support2Road twisted pairCANBus,2Road optical fiberCANBus, implementation2Road twisted pairCANnetwork-to-fiberCANNetwork data relay conversion.

Use of laser ranging telescopes905The nano-band laser ranging, the ranging speed is fast, the precision is high, the laser range finder circuit board control system is independently developed and developed, and the product customization development service is successfully provided for a plurality of industry customers. The distance measuring telescope has the functions of ranging, angle measurement, height measurement, electronic compass function and two-point span measurement, and is widely applied to the fields of electric power, golf, outdoor sports, installation engineering and the like.

The laser ranging sensor providesRS232Interface, can be used for secondary development of users, successfully applied in driving positioning and collision prevention, gantry crane, tire crane positioning and collision prevention, high temperature furnace materials, liquid level detectionAGVPositioning.